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HTTP logs w/ keepalive : monitoring the http request times, TR, Tt

Hey, I need to monitor the total request time.
Configuration: http-server-close and HTTP logs, haproxy 1.7.
The issue is it seems the timers TR and Tt depend on the beginning of the TCP connection.

It means if a client accept cookies and the http-server-close works, if my real Tt client side is 20 ms, the first request will be logged with a ~= 20 ms Tt on the server side, but if there is a 2 second idle time between the first and the second request, the Tt of the second request will be the total time of the first and second request PLUS the idle time.

So, the resulting time logs are VERY FAR from the client side http request times.
Now how can I obtain the http request times, for each http request, while still using http-server-close of keepalive ?

Still struggling to mesure the total response time for one http request

I use http close for know…