Impact of haproxy heath check using check flag

I am using haproxy 1.5.4, as per configuration we can see there will be health check (SYN -> SYN, ACK -> RST, ACK) every 2s,

My configuration:

listen my_proxy :8244
mode tcp
timeout client 600000
timeout server 600000
balance roundrobin
server server1 server1:8244 check on-marked-up shutdown-backup-sessions on-marked-down shutdown-sessions
server server2 server2:8244 check backup


  1. Is it recommended configuration to be done in production environment?
  2. What is impact of RST after every 2s on already established tcp connection by haproxy with server (active connection of haproxy with server)? Weather there will be data loss/connection reset?

That depends on your backend and environment but generally speaking yes.

The impact is that the health checks scale and that it’s ressource in the kernel and application are released immediately.