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Installing Letsencrypt SSL?

So, my network is running LXD Containers. I have an Ubuntu 20.4 host running LXD 3.0.
My apps are installed in individual containers.
I have one container running HAproxy 1.8.8.
My host forwards ports 80 and 443 to the HAproxy container.
HAproxy redirects to appropriate container based on the URL.

I need to have SSL for all application containers. It was recommended that I install the Letsencrypt SSL certs in the HAproxy. I have successfully (I think) installed a cert for the sub-domain that I am working on. However browsing to the sub-domain is still “Not Secure”! I am using Chrome.

When I look at the cert with the browser, it is saying it is expired (08/19/2020)? But in HAproxy, certbot certificates indicate the certs expire 2020-11-27?




This is no longer an issue.