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Invalid response -


We are encountering random 502 issue.

Displaying error using ‘echo “show errors -1 response” | socat stdio /run/haproxy/admin.sock’ it seems that the response was not complete.

Total events captured on [14/Feb/2020:14:38:41.687] : 3

[14/Feb/2020:14:17:09.140] backend plateformefr (#4): invalid response

  • frontend https-xxxxxxxxxxx-fr (#3), server node1 (#1), event #2*
  • src X.X.X.X:13703, session #9217, session flags 0x001004ce*
  • HTTP msg state MSG_???(170), msg flags 0x00000000, tx flags 0xa8003000*
  • HTTP chunk len 0 bytes, HTTP body len 0 bytes*
  • buffer flags 0x80008002, out 0 bytes, total 15360 bytes*
  • pending 15360 bytes, wrapping at 16384, error at position 15360:*

When I have a look at 15360 position, a part of the message seems to be missing.

15310 Set-Cookie: REFERER_PL=deleted; expires=Thu, 01-Ja (nothing after that)

N.B: for every issue, the error is always located at position 15360

I’ve set tune.http.maxhdr to 32767 thinking that the issue was due to this limitation but was not.

Any clues?



Setting tune.bufsize 32768 seems to solve the issue.