Issues with connecting to backend server though URL redirection happens


I can help you with the haproxy configuration, if you know exactly what you want.

But I’m unable to support you with basic design questions like this.


Hi Lukas , the requirement provided by the client is that if the user gives the below URL it should redirect automatically to the respective backend server and both are port 80 request one for dcos UI and other for ambari UI.

•DC/OS UIs are mapped to http://:80/dcos
•Ambari UIs are mapped to http://:80/ambari

The approach i followed is to define the Front End and ACL (Rules) and backend server lists for each ACL rule iam not sure if that is the correct approach i follow to achieve redirection.

Please guide me with HAProxy configuration to acheive this.


So when you say “redirect” you mean route to the correct backend, not redirect the browser from /dcos to /?

Then that’s exactly what haproxy already does in this configuration. You just have to handle the URIs not beginning with /dcos or /ambari.


Yes ideally i need to redirect it to correct backend URL

In my case the redirection is happening to the backend URL and it shows the dcos homepage and Ambari but its not really connecting to the backend servers and pull the health details


Sure, you need to fix all the remaining cases where the URI doesn’t contain /dcos or /ambari, just like I said earlier.