More connections on one node than other


I have setup HAProxy to redirect the traffic to 2 application nodes but I am seeing more traffic going to one node than other. Anyone else ran into this issue? Help!!!

Here’s the configuration in the config file (pretty straight forward):

backend internal_cluster
mode http
maxconn 1000
balance roundrobin
cookie SERVERID insert indirect nocache
server node2 cookie int_node2 check maxconn 1000 weight 1
server node1 cookie int_node1 check maxconn 1000 weight 1

Thanks in advance


One guess ,

Is it possible that one of your server is slower to respond and hiting the maxconn limit ? The other one getting extra requests until tne number of connection get down to an acceptable value …

Use balance leastconn if you want to achieve the lowest number of connections on each server.