Nginx Web Server/Proxy Reverse under HAProxy for load balancer

Hi, our team is facing a new challenge to use Nginx Web Sever/ Proxy reverse under HA Proxy for load balancer. Nginx Proxy reverse will be for multiple endpoints. (…remember this last statement :confused: )

For now, we’ve done with http/https clients with Nginx webserver/proxy reverse. Everything runs ok! But the projects requiered to distribute 3 instances. So, at this point appears our friend HA Proxy. The first thing we did was to check all oficial info and also Infrastructure Layouts Involving TLS with HAP:
SSL/TLS pass-through
SSL/TLS bridging or re-encryption
SSL/TLS offloading
SSL/TLS encryption
By the way, we used to setup services in classic way: Nginx Proxy -> multiple endpoints

One point of view for setting is to use “proxy to proxy” (exactly as the customer is requiring :confused: ). It’s sounds weird. Is this kind of case used on the “real world”? I’m not a guru, but it doesn’t make any sense for me. But, I could be wrong.
The second point of view is to let HAPROXY “kicks in” requests http/https from outside to the multiple endpoints and avoid to use nginx proxy. So nginx will be used as a web server for static content.
So, can someone please help me with this 2 points of view? Which could be right or wrong? Even the point of view, which layout involving tls could be recommended on this scenario? For me it makes sense to mix layouts depends on the case of each endpoint requires.


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