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Parameters: retreis , timeout connect


I have backend HTTPs server.
I configured “retries” to 6 and "timeout connect " to 15000ms .
i wanted to check that haproxy behavior works according the values of “retreis” , "timeout connect " parameters but, I didn’t see any difference in the log before and after configuring “retries” and "timeout connect ".
I do see that haproxy check the backend server according to server “check ssl” configuration
I use “check ssl” every 10s for the backend server .

  1. Does “check ssl” configuration is “overried” “retries” ?
  2. How to verify haproxy behavior follows “retries” and "timeout connect " values setup?
  3. In case using “check ssl” , can i skip “retries” configuration?

Amir yosef


Hi Amir,

I understand the parameters as followed:

  • retries = haproxy try to establish a tcp-connection to the backend. If the backend is busy/faulty haproxy retires this 6 times.
  • timeout connect = time haproxy itself wait for an answer from the backend if haproxy try to establish a tcp-connection

“check ssl” I don’t know about… but I think you meen in the backend-section/server-option the check parameter and the ssl parameter. In this case you read the documentation about server options. http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/1.7/configuration.html#5

As always… now garantee for correctness

greets hans0r