Proxy on same FE network


I want to know if it’s possible to proxy https_tls request from haproxy to, the haproxy and are in the same subnet.


Any ideas ? With accept-proxy send-proxy

I don’t know what “proxy https_tls request” means. Can you elaborate what you are trying to achieve?

Thanks Lukastribus,
I have one public ip address, and I can’t change the topology,
I would like to receive request for to HAPROXY Front-End Server, and then from HAPROXY retrieve informations from server.

Yes, that is exactly what haproxy does.

even if HAPROXY Front-End is on the same network?
I thought the ressource server had to be on backend network.
HAPROXY can use the same interface(nic) for FrontEnd and for retrieve informations from server?

Yes, that doesn’t matter, unless you have a very complicated configuration with transparent source IP spoofing. But I don’t assume that you have that.

Thanks for yours precisions