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Request header being striped by haproxy

I have some tomcat servers where I set the x-dynatrace header in all the requests, when they pass through the haproxy to reach different tomcat servers the header is being striped.

I checked that the header was being sent with wireshark, but after reaching the haproxy the header wasnt present anymore.

So my question is, what setting should I add to my configuration to allow the haproxy to pass the header.

I have read similar post but none were of use to me, some saying that the server is to blame (not in this case because the header is expected in both ends) or that there was something else stripping it.


Haproxy does not strip or modify headers by default (except for some connection related headers that need to be modified for transport reasons).

In HTX mode (optional in 1.9, default in 2.0 and mandatory in 2.1), headers will be lower-cased that pass through haproxy (so X-DynaTrace would become x-dynatrace), is that something that could be what you are seeing? Or is the header not there at all?

I suggest you clarify what release you are running and share your configuration.

The header is not present at all.

I’ll share my config an release as soon as I get it.