Response Header

I am using HAProxy 1.5.12 and I am trying to hide a URL header by using a response rewrite but it is not working.

When I have people go to “” I want to only display “” in the browser bar, no matter what link they click. The link in the webpage can show but management want it to be hidden in the browser bar.

I have the an extract of the code as shown below. (speech marks are not in the config, just in this example)

frontend ""
acl has_name path_beg /name
use_backend if has_name
default “

backend ""
rspirep ^([^\ ])\ /name2(.) \1\ /\2

I have other elements in the script that work with no issues, it is just the response header which I am having issues with.

I could be looking in totally the wrong place, so any help is greatly appreciate.

Hi Lee,

What Header are you trying to rewrite in the response?
How is the URL coded in the response’s body?