Retry-on all-retryable-errors

I need only repeat request on haproxy
if all-retryable-errors have only 504 error ocurred
How can i do this

retry-on all-retryable-errors
retries 3
http-request disable-l7-retry if error=504

In order not to repeat 500 eror for example

Please help

If any mechanizm to deal with advanced processing of last error repeating
May be in new versions

Do not use all-retryable-errors if you don’t want to retry all retryable errors, instead configure the specific error code:

retry-on 504


a lot Lukas!

if i need to use for example two error’s type 503 or 504
how should i write retry-on [503,504] ?

Separate with a space:

retry-on 503 504