Running Haproxy 2.4 permission denied error

I had a question regarding the haproxy config when running inside docker.
We were running haproxy 2.2 version and our config was like

frontend lb
        bind *:80
        bind *:443

and we were binding ports from host 80->80 and 443->443 inside the docker.

But after haproxy 2.4 came out LTS, we wanted to try but we got some issues of permission denied as described in ticket
that binding the privileged ports inside docker are not allowed.
For fix, we should have the kernel running above (4.11), then adding --sysctl net.ipv4.ip_unprivileged_port_start=0 to the docker run should allow it to use “privileged” ports.

But since we are running debian9 which is below kernel 4.11, I did something mention in the github ticket:

So in the haproxy config i binded the non privileged ports and did post mapping to it from host, which allowed it to run. For example, 80 → 8888 and 443-> 8889 port mapping
new haproxy config

frontend lb
        bind *:8888
        bind *:8889

Is this a good approach ? Can it cause any issues to us on latency or any other which I cant think right now?
Alternatively I can pass --user=root (which was the initial user in early versions of haproxy)

I don’t see why it would causes any issues, it certainly wouldn’t from a haproxy perspective. I’m not an docker expert though.

Thanks @lukastribus . I will apply to our staging env and leave it for sometime.