Send client ip via ssh

Hello, I have a problem with HaProxy + BitBucket. Don’t see client ip when he use ssh.
When the user is using the https protocol, there are no problems. I see client ip. But if they do git push to ssh//…git . I do not see the ip client.
Proxy Client
https log:, | https | i@7E6BXIx968x3803x0 | - | “GET /rest/capabilities/navigation HTTP/1.1” | …
ssh log: | ssh | o@7E6BXIx967x3798x0 | dvpr-write-dev | SSH - git-upload-pack ‘/dvxx/dvxx-template-b.git’ | "SSH …

Can I send ip in options or another way?

ssh conf:
frontend bitbucket_ssh_frontend
bind :7999
default_backend bitbucket_ssh_backend
maxconn 1000
mode tcp
option tcplog
timeout client 30m