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Setting up HAproxy to use Skype for Business

Good day, everyone! I have a problem with HAProxy and Skype for Business. I need to set up my reverse-proxy to work with S4B Edge. I’m new in HAProxy, so I have a few questions. Can anyone tell me which config i should use for port and how to use certificate for incoming connections to the Edge-Server. Will appriciate any help!

If you have specific questions, we will be glad to help.

If you starting from scratch, I suggest you read through the starter guide:


And at least glance over the configuration manual:


Also checkout the haproxy blog for many examples and config suggestions:


However, if you want to be guided from A to Z, I suggest you buy commercial support from haproxy.com (or others), because that’s not something the community does.


Firstly I think you are mixing up some seperate Skype for Business terms/roles as the Reverse Proxy for mobility/external web services has no relation to an Edge server deployment in Skype for Business.

Using HAProxy as a reverse proxy for mobility/external web services for Skype for Business is pretty straightforward, as is using it to load balance internal web services across Front End servers in an Enterprise Pool (if you are running a Standard pool, ie 1 Front End in your Pool, this is obviously not required).

Load balancing in front of Edge Servers? I’d avoid that if possible and just use DNS based load balancing as per Microsoft’s recommendations.

As Edge services involves UDP traffic (ICE/STUN/TURN) plus RTP it is non-trivial to configure and involves more than just “vanilla” HAProxy.