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Show map list & map contents from admin socket command


Hi, i have a map in this format

/abcd/ App1
/efgh/ App2

when i run this command, I am not able to see list of available maps. There is only 1 map reference in my config. can you please suggest the show map command to see the contents of path_app.map

 echo "show map" | socat stdio /var/run/haproxy/socket
 # id (file) description

Here is the version that i have

  haproxy -vv
  HA-Proxy version 1.9.2 2019/01/16 - https://haproxy.org/

I even tried this command

  echo "show map /etc/haproxy/path_app.map" | socat /var/run/haproxy/socket stdio
  Unknown map identifier. Please use #<id> or <file>.


@lukastribus Any suggestions please ^


The same command worked now. Not sure why it did not work earlier though