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Smart DNS proxy for geo unblocking

Hello all,
I am new to this forum and am learning some new tricks.
Want to create a smart dns proxy to watch Indian tv shows/movies/sports etc in Australia.
Did some research and found that I can make a Smart DNS using HAproxy with Bind or Dnsmasq on a VPS (I have AWS and DO). But don’t know how to proceed, can somebody guide me with a detailed tutorial ?
Also we need to configure to use it with dynamic dns, as my ISP keeps changing my IP address frequently.

Haproxy is almost certainly the wrong tool for the job, it’s a reverse proxy and load-balancer, not a forward proxy.

I suggest you research this in the bind or tinyproxy communities.

However you I doubt you are going to get real and useful advice unless you are able to ask specific technical questions in the proper communities.

Hi Lukastribus,
Thanks for your reply
I have done some googling in regards to this, I found a old tutorial on this, but it seems outdated now, please check this link

I can help you with specific technical question about haproxy, I cannot help you with your project in it’s entirety.

Thanks again Lukastribus
I need help regarding unblocking websites, as you may have seen in the link previously provided, we need to mention websites we are unblocking (frontend and backend), instead of this I am planning to have a wildcard, so all website traffic flows through HAproxy, I hope you get my point.