Strange behavior observed with SNI

Hi all,

I have a server with Haproxy CE 2.5.9 and one public IP address. Instead of using multiple IPs for my three differents domains, I used SNI in my configuration as described here : Enhanced SSL Load Balancing with Server Name Indication (SNI)

My configuration is like this example as the difference that I have three domains with three SSL certifcates different : *, and

I configured the backend in HAProxy config to redirect to frontend where I do a binding to localhost on different ports with the different certificates. What surprises me is when I use testssl to check for my certificates on the different domains for, it presents me two certificates (wildcard and its own) and for rdd only one.

Is it normal or maybe I made a mistake on my configuration ?



You will have to share your configuration and the output of testssl, explaining them is not enough.