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Traffic getting to server but Haproxy is not responding to requests

Hello All and thank you for your assistance in advance.

I have an office that is connecting to Haproxy server via a IPsec tunnel. I have several clients that are connecting into the office via an OpenVPN server. The traffic coming through the Openvpn server never has an issue. The office traffic works extremely intermittently. When I say works I see where Haproxy is responding via the log. Using TCPdump I can see traffic from the office machines is reaching the Haproxy server however I am not seeing ANY response in the Haproxy log when it is failing. Where my confusion is coming into play is that the Openvpn traffic comes from X.X.X.172 and the office machine I am looking at comes from x.x.x.244 where all the X match.

Is there a configuration setting I should look at?

not sure what to look at next.