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Unix socket commands \ disable server


Hi, this is my first post here.

I would kindly ask for information on using Unix Socket commands to maintain a server member of a backend group.
In the current configuration I have 2 haproxy nodes with keepalive (in master \ backup mode). When I put a server on the “disable” with Unix Socket command on the master node obviously the server goes into maintenance, but remains potentially active (in case of keepalive switch) on the backup node.
My doubt is the following: is it possible to disable \ service a server on both nodes oh haproxy with an unique Unix Socket command?
Thanks !


No, these are separate haproxy instances, you need to set the command on both.

I’m sure there is orchestration that could abstract this away for you, but that’s not what haproxy provides itself.


ok. thanks !
I hoped there was a chance… :slight_smile:
However it is not a problem at all. Mine was more a curiosity to optimize the maintenance scripts. Thanks again