Updating logs while socket is open

Hi there,

I would like to know if it is possible to update the logs while the socket is open. Currently the logs are updated only after closing the socket, which causes issues. We have already tried the http close and the https close server options. unfortunately without success

Thanks in advance

option logasap could help here, but we don’t really know your configuration so it’s difficult to guess.


What information do you need?

Your actual configuration.


You need option httplog in your defaults section.


Then you probably want to remove all the previous options your tried, like:

option http-no-delay
option httpclose

Hello, having httplog in defaults does not change anything sadly.

To specify my problem more precise:

There is nothing to log.

A CONNECT request means that a transparent TCP tunnel is opened. You will not have any logging during during this long running transaction.

Haproxy is a reverse proxy, not a forwarding proxy and almost certainly not the right tool for this job.

Thanks for your reply Lukas.

Closing active sessions is not “graceful”, it’s exactly the opposite.

If you want to kill sessions, restart haproxy. If you reload haproxy, sessions are NOT killed.

You can also shutdown single connections on the admin cli:


Thank you :slight_smile: