Using multiple monitor-uri in frontend

Hey everyone,

In the HAProxy 1.8 docs, I don’t see it explicitly stated that multiple monitor-uri statements cannot be used in a single frontend. However, the behavior seems to be that the last monitor-uri in the frontend overrides the others. Is this in fact expected behavior?
Is there perhaps a better way to accomplish what I want: I have a set of load balancers (that I dont control) that direct traffic to my HAProxy nodes and perform their own health checks on the various applications behind my HAProxy load balancers. I wanted to use multiple monitor-uri paths (along with some ACLs) to report back the health of the underlying apps to those LBs without filling up the logs with useless health check messages. The idea was that each monitor-uri health check endpoint would represent a different app and its health and the LBs out of my control could direct traffic to the HAProxy cluster where a particular app was available.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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i’ve the same pb…

I suggest you file a feature request on github: