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Weight 0 - old established connections



We have a apps load balanced with HAProxy. Client change weight to 0 to one backend when they deploying new code but keep weight 100 to other backend member where it is active and serving all traffic. We have 2 use cases

  1. During toggle from weight 50:50 to 0:100, few clients prefer don’t lose already established connections to weight 0 backend. I think HAProxy is doing by this default and this set of clients are happy.
  2. Another set of clients asking to immediately stop serving old or established connections to weight 0 backend and start serving new code which is currently serving by weight 100 backend.

we are using cookie based routing so both the backends have the SERVERID cookie. I knew HAPROXY still serving the connections to old backend since browsers already established connections with a cookie specific that backend.

is any use using disable keyword against the backend rather using weight 0? or an other mechanism to stop immediately after putting weight 0 or disable added to backend definitions? or any cookie life time restrictions ( don’t think this is good )

Srinivas Kotaru