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What is the best practice? HA setup with 2 haproxy nodes, 2 different provider IP addresses



New in this forum, trying to get a setup going here at work with the following ( as the title suggests );

A. 2 provider IP addresses ( let’s say - for proxyA - & proxyB - ) for 2 haproxy nodes, located in 2 data centers.
B. Need to set these boxes up with HA ( active / standby ), but I was told that we can’t run VRRP, as both servers are not in the same subnet.

So, the next question comes – what the next best method to do this?

idea #1 setup DNS RR, with a short TTL. Although there is a lot of client dependency here, it should work in general.

idea #2 setting BGP peering for announcing routes. This was a suggestion from someone, not fully sure what it entails on the proxy server config.

So, i guess my question is – how does configuration like this are handled ? I would like to them to be full HA ( between 2 servers ), but I guess I can’t have it all while I have 2 separate provider IP address for 2 proxy nodes. Have any of you done anything like this? If so, could you take a few mins of your time to explain how it has been done and may be a share a config snippet with me?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!