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100% CPU with haproxy 1.9.7

Using haproxy 1.9.7, I got an 100% CPU hang of haproxy process (and no response) with follow config:

  • nbproc 1
  • tune.maxaccept -1

Check with previous haproxy 1.9.6 still works fine.
Increase nbproc to a number > 1 or change tune.maxaccept to a value > 0 still make it works.

It’s a small issue but still weird for a new version upgrade.

Please help to check and fix.

It seems to be an unexpected side effect of the listener queue deadlock fix. Christopher has spotted the root cause and may have something to propose soon. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the bug!


I pushed a fix. It was also backported to 1.9 and 1.8. Thanks