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503 from haproxy after functioning correctly for a full day


Hey there. I’m using HAProxy in front of a bublic AWS ELB. Once HAProxy is configured, it behaves exactly as I would expect. But after some amount of time (27 hours seems to be the average) HAProxy starts to only respond with a 503 error. I can see that my services are still accessible via the public ELB, but for some reason HAProxy is only returning a 503.

If I include a check in my service definition, the error after ~27 hours will be Layer 4 Timeout in 2002ms and the service will be shown as down. If I omit the check, the same 503 response is shown but the service is still shown as up.

My config looks like:

    log global
    mode http
    option httplog
    # option http-server-close
    timeout connect  5000
    timeout client  10000
    timeout server  10000
    stats enable
     stats auth someuser:somepassword
     stats uri /haproxyStats

frontend http-in
    bind *:80
    default_backend servers
    # acl from_http hdr(X-Forwarded-Proto) -i "http"
    # redirect scheme https code 301 if from_http

backend servers
    server api "${FRONTEND_HOST}:${FRONTEND_PORT}" check


i’d guess the ELB changes its IP.
does it work again after restarting haproxy?


Hmm yes it does. Does that mean dns resolution is not dynamic?


well that was enough of a nudge to get me reading a bit more deeply. modifying my config to

backend servers
    server api "${FRONTEND_HOST}:${FRONTEND_PORT}" resolvers dns check

to see if that was (sounds like it definitely was) the issue.

presumptuous, but thank you for pointing me in the right direction!