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ACL urlp from file - stuck


Hi all, I have to block requests with certain apid=value and possibly have config it in separate file. This works in haproxy.cfg but when I’ve try to load values from files I can’t get it to work.

haproxy.cfg example:

acl redirect-204 urlp(apid) ian291d84pny3owsg51ftz
acl redirect-204 urlp(apid) c9nxt4oy7ag2xo31g7c4fc

haproxy cfg - read from file:
acl redirect-240 urlp -f /data/list.lst but can’t figure out correct file structure.

list.lst types I’ve tried so far:
(apid) ian291d84pny3owsg51ftz
apid, ian291d84pny3owsg51ftz

Incoming url looks like this http://mydomain.com/path/set.jsp?apid=ian291d84pny3owsg51ftz

Any tips please? can’t get format of list.lst file to work.