Add Backend and ACL with wildcard

Hi ,
We have HAProxy as a middleware for Kafka brokers on cloud ,
we have few clusters that might be created in the same domain suffix and we’d like to add routing for all using a unified wildcard ACL and Backend … is that can be done ?

for example -

frontend xxxx
mode tcp
bind *:443

   acl is_ksql-xxxx req.ssl_sni -i pksqlc-*.somesuffix
   use_backend ksql_xxxx if is_ksql-xxxx

backend ksql_xxxx
mode tcp
server ksql_xxxx pksqlc-*.somesuffix:443 check resolvers mynameservers init-addr last,libc,none

Can that be done at some method ? using the * wildcard instead of specific domain for supporting all kind of domains in the structure of pksqlc-*.somesuffix
such as -