After setting `seamless reload`,it does not lose any connections?

I learn what seamless reload concept is.

Assuming setting seamless reload,

  1. I have a 10 server at backend section
  2. I remove a 2 server at backend section. then only 8 servers remain.
  3. I reload the HAproxy.

At this situation, At the removed 2 server, the connections will not be lost?
Or I have to drain the 2 server before removing that, for not losing the connections?

When I tested it, It seems working well without losing the connections.
I’m not quite sure it is true.

The old haproxy process (running the old configuration) will keep serving the connections that are currently active, including those towards the 2 removed servers. When all connections to the old process are terminated, the process exits.

The new haproxy process (running the new configuration) will handle all new incoming connections to the configured 8 servers.

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Thank you so much :+1::+1: