Agent-Check for Windows Server Service

Hey my Dudes,

Currently i’m facing a little problem with haproxy an adfs.

I would like to check our backend adfs WAP Servers. Therefore is use the /adfs/probe.
Since we you full https / tls, i can not test with an http-check on /adfs/probe.

So i created a little workaround with powershell (invoke-webrequest), local Firewall port 443 on the Server.

If the adfs service is not running, the /adfs/probe site wont be reachable, the skript gets an error and blocks incoming 443 traffic.

On my haproxy i check on tcp port.

Throughout my searches i read about the possibility of using agent-checks.
Buz unfortunatly i dont know how to program or script one agent for windows servers.
Do you guys have some How-To’s / tutorials?

I’m searching for a guide on agent-checks and on how to create an agent for windows servers.

Thanks in advanced

Hold on, what does “full https” mean, and why do you think you cannot health check with a HTTPS backend?

Please provide your configuration.

Even if you are running transparent TCP mode and passing through SSL as is, you can still make health checks in SSL and actual HTTPS. Refer to check-ssl and httpchk configuration keywords.

Here’s the documentation:

It’s basically an ASCII string returned on a TCP port.

However I don’t think you need that, I think you are unnecessarily over-engineering your setup.