AWS Dual HA Proxy with Failover Configuration keepalived problem

Sorry that my first post is a request for help. I typically like to contribute before asking for help…but in this instance I am out of my element.

Bottom Line Up Front: Ideally, looking for a consultant to help fix/setup a pair HAProxy in AWS in the same region/zone. If you have experience in AWS and would be interested in helping please let me know.

Back Story:

We are trying to setup HA Proxy at AWS to sit in front of two clustered mail servers running iRedMail (postfix, Dovecot) with Dovecot Director for ports 25,110,80,443 and we are struggling to keep the load balancers online, and especially after a reboot or failure.

This is for a brand new deployment, with no production traffic or load. We are not expecting a ton of volume on these mail servers but support is expensive so we want to make sure that we have taken reasonable measure to ensure that the future customer email is safe.

We have the iRed cluster working perfectly, there is just something with the routing, or the floating IP, or the failover that is just causing us a ton of unexpected downtime during our testing phase.

HAProxy works with one LB - so we know we have this part dialed in.