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HAProxy downtime until the IP is moved


I know that this is rather a keepalived question, but I am just wondering how you guys are dealing with this.

I have the two instances checking for haproxy process every second and after 3 failed attempts failing over the backup instance, which means 4 seconds of downtime … How are you guys dealing with this? What would be the configuration for the ALOHA appliance for example?



You accept it. Seriously, the failover in itself is probably doing more harm (given that existing sessions will break) than the 4 seconds of actual outage of the VIP.

When does it really failover? When you have a hardware fault, and when haproxy crashes. If both issues aren’t extremely rare in your configuration, you are probably doing something wrong.


You are right, with my current infrastructure I am having outages once a year ,maybe… But I was thinking to fail over quickly to apply some maintenance on the LB hosts, for example.
But I was actually asking this to know if this behavior was something expected from LB.



For maintenance I’d assume keepalived has some other way to do it, without waiting the full 4 seconds. That said, I’m not a keepalived expert.