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Azure Kubernetes Ingress Controller with HAproxy (Working Example)


We’re investigating haproxy as a viable alternative to nginx as a kubernetes ingress controller on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service).

The only example I can find on the net for such a setup is this one:
https://www.haproxy.com/blog/haproxy_ingress_controller_for_kubernetes/ .

(while there are many for NGINX). It’s a year out of date, so almost certainly broken in some ways.

Trying to get it working on Azure kubernetes cluster, I have some questions:

a) What is the host “foo.com” referred to in the configuration? Is that a DNS entry I’m supposed to have ready and associated to a pod in the Kubernetes cluster already? Any guide in the document on how to do that.

b) Is there any other in depth, tested working examples available specifically for getting HAproxy working as an internal and external Ingress controller on AKS ?

Many thanks in advance,