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Best way to delete a cookie?


What is the best way to delete a single cookie?

I tried

http-request replace-header Cookie mycookie=[^;]*(;\s*|$) ""

but then I get an error that http-request replace-header requires three parameters. Apparently it doesn’t recognise the empty string as a parameter :confused:. (at least on 1.7).

I was kind of surprised there doesn’t seem to be any built-in ways to manipulate cookies since haproxy already has to know how to parse cookies for the cook fetch.

What is the best way to delete an individual cookie?


You are right, there is no build-in feature for this. Multiple regexes are required to delete a cookie, I assume the following untested configuration would do the job:

# delete mycookie when 
http-request replace-header Cookie mycookie=[^;]*;\s*(.*) \1

# removing mycookie when at the end of the header
http-request replace-header Cookie (.*);\s*mycookie=[^=]$ \1

# deleting entire Cookie header (single cookie)
reqidel ^Cookie: mycookie=[^=]$