Better explanation of the errorfile's (with examples) in the docunentation

Hello. Could in the documentation become expanded the topic of the errorfile?

Currently, it’s too general and may cause problems for less experienced users.

For example, there could become added templates of the errorfile’s with explanation of each entry, plus additional variables that can be used (usefull in case for example of redirect, etc.)

Improving the documentation is always very helpful, however it is usually most effective when the user making the suggestion contributes the change directly, as opposed to making generic suggestions that the developers than need to interpret (which are the same developers that wrote the documentation in the first place).

So if you can check out the git repository, you will find the file CONTRIBUTING explaining how you can send patches (to the mailing list) and what you can do to make the process as painless as possible.

This would probably a patch for doc/configuration.txt.

If you want to avoid some of the headaches with git, etc, we can also pickup a simple diff file with changes, just let us know your full name if you want to be listed as author for the change.

Hello and thanks for the answer.

I had proposed it because I self need it in my instance, but unfortunatelly it’s nowhere well enough documented.

The existing entry is so much general that it neither is showing how this file should look like, nor what content, values and variables are allowed in it to become correctly parsed by haproxy.

I hope this would help to understand what I mean

There are no variables. You specify a complete HTTP response including headers. The limitations explained in the documentation apply (specifically regarding the buffer size).

You can find examples in examples/errorfiles.

Hello. I had asked about the variables because I would like to create that some of the error answers (like for example those who redirect to other locations) are more dynamic.

On one website I saw a code like: %[hdr(host)]%[url]

Variables are not support in errorfiles.

You can’t find documentation about variables in errorfiles because it doesn’t work.

Errorfiles are static responses only.

Would it become possible that in the future releases of Haproxy could that become changed?

I think it would be a great benifit for haproxy