Blank screen - HAproxy + MeshCentral

Hello alltogether,

I have created a machine with MeshCentral (Windows) and another ohne with HAproxy (RedHat/Fedora).
Everything is working fine, when I use it without restrictions.

But I want to set restriction for the MeshCentral.
For Administration it should be only available from internal LAN.
From external WWW it should be only open for the agents (on the clients) and for time based invitations (to customers).

For example, the URL for the Invitation can be…
… and the URL for the agents can be…
The admistrations can connect to…
… to manage the clients, users,… from LAN.

Now my HAproxy has the following config, with rerstrictions…

   acl   is_MeshCentral   hdr_dom(Host) -i
   use_backend   BackEnd-MeshCentral   if is_MeshCentral

backend BackEnd-MeshCentral
   balance         source
   server maxconn 4096 check ssl verify none
   http-request allow if { path_beg -i /meshagents } { src }
   http-request allow if { path_beg -i /agentinvite } { src }
   http-request deny  if { path_dir -i -m beg / } !{ src } !{ src }

… it is working, but the URL for the agents and invitations are a blank screen; there should be a choise and a button.

When i remove the lines with “http-request” everythin is working, but the admin site is also in the www.

Can any one give me an idea???

The reasons was an hidden subdirectory… i found it in the logging HAproxy…