Can we set one haproxy to deal with multi domains requests ?

in the current configuration, we are using is as dns name of haproxy server . it can deal with request of, just like this ------> backend server (host1/host2)
can we add another domain requests to this haproxy ?
suppose we want to this haproxy to deal with , can we achieve it with this ?
1) bind to also.
2) for https , we will apply one certificates for and
3) create a policy , forward the url begin with url2 to the backend server host3/host4 ?

Should look something like this:

# You can put multiple certs on your bind line like this.
bind ssl /path/to/ crt /path/to/
	# "is_abc" or "is_def" becomes true of the request host header matches.
	acl is_abc hdr(host) -i
	acl is_def hdr(host) -i
	# If a host matches, route to that backend.
	use_backend abc if is_abc
	use_backend def if is_def
	# If no host matches, use this backend.
	default_backend no_route

backend abc
	server host1 ...
	server host2...

backend def
	server host3...
	server host4...

backend no_route
	http-request deny deny_status 403

Edit: There should not be a space in the bind line between the IP and port:

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