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Certificate to acess backend with TLS

  • nginx:
server {
  listen      10010;
  location / {
    proxy_pass                 https://consumersoa.xxx.com:443;
    proxy_ssl_certificate      /keys/xxxx.messaging_com.crt;
    proxy_ssl_certificate_key  /keys/xxxx.messaging_com.key;
    proxy_ssl_protocols        TLSv1;
  • haproxy
frontend fe_10010
    bind :10010

backend be_soa
    server soa consumer.xxxx:443 check crt /keys/xxxx.messaging_com force-tlsv10

This is not working… can you tell me where is wrong?



Don’t post into configuration samples if you need support. I moved this topic to Help.

As for your error, I suggest you enable logging and read it’s contents.


Sorry Luka!

Now is working with

ssl check crt cert.key force-tlsv10 verify none