Command limit when using runtime API?

Hi, I am using the runtime API to add/remove/modify entries in map files as described in this blog post, and it works fine for small numbers of commands at a time, but if there are too many commands at once I usually get an error after a few hundred commands have been processed:

2022/02/01 03:15:38 socat[29468] E write(5, 0x55f4b129ee30, 67): Broken pipe

This happens when using echo | socat from the command line, for example:

for n in {1..500}; do echo "add map /etc/haproxy/ /test$n -"; done | socat stdio /run/haproxy.stat

And also if using the following perl code:

    foreach my $kr (sort keys %filemap) {
        push( @changes, "add map $mapfile $kr " . $filemap{$kr} );

    # open new connection to haproxy socket
    my $writesock = new IO::Socket::UNIX (
        Peer => '/run/haproxy.stat',
        Type => SOCK_STREAM,
    if ( ! $writesock ) {
        syslog('warning',"unable to connect to haproxy socket");
    print $writesock join("\n",@changes) . "\n";
    close $writesock;

If I add a sleep(3) before the close $writesock in the perl code the issue seems to go away, but I wonder if there’s something else I should be doing.

\Should I be limiting the number of commands given at once, or doing something else with the socket before closing it?

For now: yes, a small sleep would probably be good.

Improvements have just been applied to the development tree and will trickle down to stable branches at some point:

Great, thanks.

Should I be rate-limiting my commands over the socket? The reporter of that issue said he is sending 50 del map commands per second but I haven’t seen that mentioned in the haproxy docs or blog. I don’t want these map updates to have a negative impact on the server’s performance or stability.

The current haproxy behavior it’s a bug, that’s why it’s not documented.

You can rate-limited the commands for now as a workaround, until you can use fixed code.

If I’m running the fixed code, will it be necessary to rate-limit the commands? These map file updates are not something we’re running in production yet so I would rather wait for the haproxy update than add a rate-limiting feature to my code if it won’t be needed in a month or two.

No, rate-limiting commands will not be necessary long term, if something doesn’t work, it’s a bug that fill be fixed.

If you are running in the lab, you can try the just released v2.6-dev1, this is a development snapshot but contains all the runtime API fixes.

The fixes will definitely be backported but with the dev snapshot you can try now.

Excellent, thanks very much for the quick responses.

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Hi, I saw that based on the changelog Willy’s fixes have now made it into 2.4.13, but this issue still seems to be present in 2.4.13. Is that expected?

for n in {1..5000}; do echo "add map /etc/haproxy/ /test$n -"; done | socat stdio /run/haproxy.stat
2022/02/18 17:16:48 socat[17569] E write(5, 0x560d34be9e30, 528): Broken pipe

This is with ‘HAProxy version 2.4.13-095275f, released 2022/02/16’

Can you file a new bug on github please?