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Compile Pcre2 or pcre?

Is there a reason to compile with pcre2 and pcre2jit over pcre ?

The JIT variant will be faster, on both PCRE and PCRE2. I don’t think it makes a lot of difference whether you use PCRE or PCRE2. I always used PCRE, I don’t know anything about PCRE2.

Makefile:#   USE_PCRE             : enable use of libpcre for regex. Recommended.
Makefile:#   USE_PCRE_JIT         : enable JIT for faster regex on libpcre >= 8.32
Makefile:#   USE_PCRE2            : enable use of libpcre2 for regex.
Makefile:#   USE_PCRE2_JIT        : enable JIT for faster regex on libpcre2