Compile Without lua

What are the likely consequences of compiling haproxy without lua?

I am updating the haproxy servers from EL 7 to EL 8 but, in the meantime, I may need to update a few EL 7 boxes to a 2.X release. The easiest way to do this is to just not use WITH_LUA but I do not know what to look for in the configs that might break.

LUA requires you actually writing code, and loading it with the lua-load directive, without it, you are not using LUA.

I have done exactly that a few weeks ago (that is build HAProxy 2.4.1 for CentOS 7, without Lua) using the OpenSUSE Build Service (that also has support for CentOS).

You can download the RPM from:

openSUSE Build Service

On the other hand, if you want to see the way I’ve built it, you can look at the spec file at:

Show home:cipriancraciun:centos-7-extras / haproxy - openSUSE Build Service