Configure load balancer

I am trying to setup a load balancer between 2 webpages namely and…with just normal changes in index.html on both servers i could see their is load balanced created when i run the HAproxy ip address(
But i also want to load balance the icinga web interface between and

frontend web-frontend
mode http
default_backend web-backend

backend web-backend
mode http
balance roundrobin
server test01 check
server test02 check
with the above config i can load balance regular apache web page
but like i said i want to see the load balance for icinga web page…Can someone please help with this


what is the problem with icinga dashbaord? what you mean with

you do load balaning on IP-Address .1 and .2, so all requests to those servers will be load balanced. that should include any page accessed.

@Markus when i run the ip .3 it shows the content of index.html of ip 1 and 2 after every reload whereas i need the icinga web interface content to be showned