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HAproxy load balancing without reverse proxy

Hi I’m new in HAproxy,

I want to load balance my server &

my HAproxy IP is

this my configuration

backend myweb
option forwardfor
balance roundrobin
mode http
server ubuntu1
server ubuntu2

If possible i want HAproxy to forward my traffic to the real server, rather than browsing from HAproxy server.

for example like using: http-request redirect location or http-request redirect prefix http:///myweb
any suggestion?

And when one of those servers fails half of your customers can no longer use your service? Because that is what you are asking.

No, this is not supported. Haproxy is a load-balancer, not a random redirect generator.

if one of those server fail. HAproxy should redirect to web server no 2 right?

How should haproxy do that, if it isn’t involved anymore in the traffic flow between client and server?

No, this doesn’t make any sense and haproxy does not support doing that.