Different log level


Is it possible to process logs Haproxy with 2 different formats?

For example

Standard log (default) to haproxy.log

Extended log format to haproxy_ex.log

I know what possible divide logs to levels (info, error, debug, etc)

But how to configure haproxy in my case?

Now I have log format by default (haproxy.cfg) and it is good for application to parse logs

mode http

log global

option httplog

But I wanna to log extended requests and format will be

log global

option httplog

log-format “%ci response_status=%ST path=%r response=%Tr total_time=%Tt bytes=%U user_agent=%{+Q}[capture.req.hdr(3)] host=%{+Q}[capture.req.hdr(4)] accept_language=%{+Q}[capture.req.hdr(6)]”

In this case application not able to parse provided format.

How can I log both formats in different files at the same time?

Any help will be appreciated