Question regarding custom log formats

Hello all,

I have the following situation:
We are running a haproxy 1.7.5 installation and the config has dozens of frontends and over a hundred backends. Some of those are working in TCP mode, most of them in HTTP mode. All running fine.
We are using the respective default log formats (option httplog and option tcplog)

I now want to capture additional log information (ssl_ciphers, ssl_version and sni) and I understand that this is possible using the log-format directive, but as far as I understand I cannot set that globally in the defaults (as I still want to differentiate between tcp and http mode) and I cannot modify the “httplog” and “tcplog” default formats. Which would leave me with the only option of explicitly putting my custom format in each and every of those frontend definitions.
This is not very flexible if I want to change the custom format again later.

Is there any better option I am not aware of?



You are unfortunately right.


thanks for confirming. I take this is the same for the more recent versions and are no plans to change that?