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Does peers section support "server-template"?

The HAProxy version is 2.1.3, and it’s running in K8S environment.

I deployed two HAProxy instances (the replicas is 2), and I manually defined the peers section as below,

peers mypeers
    peer tdv-haproxy-0 tdv-haproxy-0.haproxy-svc-headless.test.svc.cluster.local:15015
    peer tdv-haproxy-1 tdv-haproxy-1.haproxy-svc-headless.test.svc.cluster.local:15015

The functionality is OK, the stick table could be synced to each other successfully. But I wonder whether the peer list could be configured dynamically by DNS resolving something like below?

server-template haproxy- 10 _http._tcp.haproxy-svc-headless.test.svc.cluster.local resolvers mydns check