Forwarding Incoming Ports Not Working

I’m working with HAProxy in Docker. I’m trying to set up HAProxy so that whatever the requested port is will be forwarded to the backend.

frontend main
    bind *:80
    bind *:8091-8096
    bind *:11200-11211
    bind *:18091-18096
    bind *:9102
    mode tcp

    acl is_couchbase hdr(host) -i couchbase.local

    use_backend couchbase_server if is_couchbase

frontend main_http
    bind *:15672
    mode http
    option httplog

    acl is_rabbit hdr(host) -i rabbit.local

    use_backend rabbit_server if is_rabbit

backend couchbase_server
    mode tcp
    server couchbase couchbase-server

backend rabbit_server
    mode http
    server rabbit rabbit

For example, I should be able to make a request to rabbit.local:15672 and get routed there. When I try to do this though, I’m just getting 503’s.

If I modify my config to be:

backend rabbit_server
    mode http
    server rabbit rabbit:15672

Now I can go to rabbit.local and it works.

Reading around here, I get the impression that my original config should be working, but it’s not.

Any ideas?