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Need help with haproxy config


Not sure what am I missing here, but the traffic is not getting redirected. Below is the haproxy config that I am using.

Trying to redirect 11210 and 8091 port traffic to set of target servers.

And I am running this from the container, and when I point my app code to run on docker IP it’s trying to connect to docker IP (haproxy), instead of redirecting to backend server mentioned in the haproxy.

Any help or pointers to move forward would be appreciated

    maxconn 256

    timeout connect 5000ms
    timeout client 50000ms
    timeout server 50000ms

frontend haproxynode
    bind *:11210
    default_backend servers

frontend haproxynode8091
    bind *:8091
    default_backend servers

backend servers
    mode tcp
    balance roundrobin
  # server server1 maxconn 32
    server node1 <ip> check
    server node2 <ip-2> check