How redirect to docker container

Hello , i am new to haproxy and i tried this configuration to redirect to my docker host . but when i try i get error of “Secure Connection Failed SL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG” in bowser.

frontend http
  bind *:443
  mode http
  option httplog
  timeout connect 5000
  timeout client  50000
  timeout server  50000
  acl exampleDomain hdr(host) -i

  use_backend exampleSite if exampleDomain
  default_backend exampleSite

backend exampleSite
  mode http
  server website check

It’s going to depend a little bit on how your docker containers are listening and accessible. If they are locally accessible on port 85 you could try this in your backend section:

On the machine that is hosting this configuration (and I assume the docker containers) run this;

curl -vvv

That should return a page of some sort. If it doesn’t then this backend configuration won’t work either. Report back with that output if it fails as well as information about how you would normally pull a webpage from your docker instance.

the problem was on my cert files , i generated my cert files and added them to haproxy and every thing worked fine . my fault .