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Frontend configuration limit


How many frontend configuration can be done in haproxy? Is there a limit…? Please help


Hi,We have a requirement that the traffic is originating from our network to our clients and we need certain private IPs to be NATed to certain public IPs. We decided to use HAProxy for this requirement. The implementation plan is that…
We have configured IPtables to NAT the private-publicIP(2 Private IP to a public IP) and installed HAProxy for load balancing the backend IPs but it requires to configure 100 frontends and 100 backends to fulfill this requirement.
i have tested this requirement in gns3.I can see the IPs are being NATed and we can’t test it completely in GNS3.
Please let us know how many frontend/backend section we can configure.
We know HAProxy document says that HAProxy is not for l4 loadbalncing,but we are using HAProxy for long time so we want to HAProxy for this requirement too.Please help…


I have given the sample configuration here.

frontend tcp1_in
mode tcp
default_backend real1
backend real1
source usesrc clientip
server server1
server server2
frontend tcp2_in
mode tcp
default_backend real2
backend real2
source usesrc clientip
server server1
server server2

like this how many sections i can create… Please help


Anyone can confirm whether there is a limit for front/backend configuration?Please


There is not.


Ok thanks… you mean we can configure hundreds of frontend IPs and backends and thousands of connections can be handled by each frontend and its respective backend IPs right? Please confirm


Yes, that’s what I mean.


Thanks let me try…